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Studying in Kwalikum Secondary School is really the best time in my life! Before i came to Canada, my plan was studying at KSS for a short ter but once I lived here, the nice teachers and parental homestay made me want to stay here forever. The internationa counselor in our school is the best. Whatever problem I have, he will help me as much as he can. School also provides after school English class for us to enhance our english. We have a bunch of field trips as well. We went to Vancouver to watch a soccer game, surfing in Tofino etc. My homestay parents are super nice; they (are) always cooking Asian food for me. Living in Canada really is a lot of fun!

Max Kutzinski, Germany…

It’s easy to say: I’m fully enjoying my time here in Canada. I think a special thing about Qualicum Beach compared to other places in Canada is, that you not only get to meet Canadian people, you’ll meet international students from China, Brazil, Mexico etc., because Vancouver Island is a place, where people from all over the world come to study. My English has improved a lot. I feel like I get more and more fluent over time, learning new vocabulaires and hearing how native speaking people pronounce their words. My homstay family is excellent and they support me having a great time in Canada. The people here are very friendly, and the Canadian students are really outgoing and integrate me in their everyday life. I made a lot of new friendships. Playing for the high school soccer team was awesome and now I joined the basketball team. There are a lot of possibilities to participate in sports activities here. Besides the school life, the school district organizes a lot of great field trips and activities like the Whistler ski trip or barbeque at the beach, which is a lot of fun, being together with other International Students and having a good time. I would recommend KSS to everyone who wants to spend a year in Canada and I definitely would choose Qualicum Beach again.

Natalie Chow, Hong Kong…

Having a chance to study in Kwalikum Secondary School is the best dream anyone could dream of.

Studying here in Canada is very different from Hong Kong. We get chances to apply our knowledge into different kinds of fun activities, thereby achieving a greater understanding of things we learned. Teachers friendly, curriculum relax. The teachers treat all of the students beyond the limit of ‘teacher and student’, which makes a more interesting learning environment! I appreciate the patience and attitudes they all share, no matter how many questions I have, they answer all of them in depth, making sure that I know everything in different ways. I get good grades throughout my years studying in KSS; credits to the teachers!

My English improved in an astonishing way as I speak English at home (host family) and with different people. My host family corrects me when I make grammatical mistakes. I have already been living with my current host family for 2 years, they are my second family. They have taken care of me as if I were their own child; this helped me to quickly settle down when I first came to Canada! Friends also made me fall in love with this school and place. I have friends all over the world, as we are all under the same circumstance – having to leave home to study abroad, we share similar perspective and goals. We encourage each other, study together, and socialize together. Some are friendships that will last for a lifetime. All of these factors contribute to the broadening of my horizons, the need for me to be independent and wise in order to survive in this generation.

The international student program puts a lot of effort into making international students enjoy their stay in Canada. Field trips like Vancouver, Tofino, Seattle, Whistler trips are often the highlights for international students. Choosing to study here in Canada is no doubt the best choice I have ever made!