Welcome to the Qualicum International Student Program Homestay Page!


Thank you for becoming a Homestay Host Family for the Qualicum School District International Student Program and for for opening your hearts and homes to an international student! You play a vital role in making sure that our students are successful in their study term. You are the primary care giver for these young people who have taken this courageous step to travel alone across the globe to live and study in a foreign environment. They will be looking to you for the TLC that their own family would provide, especially at the beginning when culture shock, jet lag, and homesickness will be the main challenges.

This should be a rewarding experience for your own family. You will make new connections with overseas families and gain some insights about a different culture. You or one of your family members may even wish to travel overseas one day and you can gain connections for this through participating in the program. Building new relationships is an important result of the program. In many cases you will make lifelong friendships with your student and his/her family.We trust that you will find the experience of providing Homestay a rewarding one. Some of the student’s best memories will be of their experiences with a Canadian Family.


 Click here to find information for when your student first arrives and day to day living.


 If your student requires a school bus to go to school, Click here to be re-directed to the District 69 Transportation Page.  Here you will find all schedules, forms and information.  Bus registration must be dropped off at the School Board Office.  Note that International Students do not pay bus fees.
Some students may choose to take the city bus to school (if they choose not to walk or ride a bike within walking boundaries).  For bus information, contact the Regional District of Nanaimo .  Students are responsible for paying for city bus transportation.

Health & Safety

Click here to find information about behaviours, culture shock, stages of development, medical and health insurance


Click here to find information about students wanting to travel Рlocally, Out-of-District for the day, Out-of-District overnight, or Out of the Country.

Student Activities

Click here to find information about the Activity Calendar and Student Activities and permission forms.


  • Communicating with your student:¬† Students and homestays must be able to communicate.¬† Most have cell phones, and this is really the best way to communicate with your student. Most students use data to communicate, via Apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook messaging.¬† Students should be set up with a local SIM card and/or Cell phone when they arrive.¬† They should have the ability to phone if need be.¬† Wireless Wave in Woodgrove Mall can set up students with the most current deals.¬† Another great option is Phone Box which offers really good deals for students and for our homestay families – keep in mind that students will need to communicate directly with whichever cell option they choose.¬† Click Here for Information about Phone Box
  • Communicating with us: ¬†Our homestay coordinators will communicate via email or phone, and sometimes by text. ¬†Please do your best to respond to a phonecall or email as soon as you possibly can. ¬†They are working during the week, but are also available for any immediate needs or emergencies during evenings and weekends. ¬†Please only contact them outside of work days if absolutely necessary.
  • Communicating with other homestays: ¬†Due to privacy, we cannot share homestay information with other homestays. ¬†We encourage you to find out who your student’s friends are, and contact other homestays through your student, just like you would with your own children’s friends. ¬†We also have created a facebook page just for current homestays. ¬†Many people use this resource to connect and share information. ¬†If you would like to join it go to¬†https://www.facebook.com/groups/isphomestay/¬†and ask to join the group.


Click here to download documents such as medical information, travel forms, contact, etc.