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Imagine yourself here studying in an International Student Program on Vancouver Island and living in the charming beachfront communities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach. Surrounded by the natural beauty of our beaches, mountains, lakes and rivers, you will be enjoying the mildest year-round climate in Canada! Come study in Canada and experience your very own active Canadian lifestyle in a safe and friendly community. Begin the application process today!

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Message from Ross Pepper, District Principal

Greetings from the Qualicum International Program,

Thank you for your interest in the Qualicum International Student Program. Our school district includes two charming beachfront communities: the city of Parksville and the town of Qualicum Beach, known together as “Oceanside”. The Qualicum International Student Program is committed to providing you with an educational and cultural experience within a welcoming, safe and supportive environment. BC’s educational system is among the most respected in the world. You will be receiving a high-quality education that will open doors for your future. Our schools provide all students with the opportunity to participate in many excellent academic, performing arts and athletic programs that include specialized golf, hockey, music and outdoor academies. Choosing to study in Qualicum is choosing to live in one of Canada’s most beautiful and desirable destinations with exceptional year round climate.

The Qualicum School District is a predominantly English-speaking community, with over 99% of our residents speaking English as their first language. This, coupled with the vigorous educational/ELL programs in our schools, means that you will enhance your proficiency in English language usage. Our host families put a strong emphasis on shared activities, with parents and community members actively involved in the lives of our students.
We look forward to your arrival in the Qualicum School District. As a smaller school district, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service and support to international students from around the world. We hope that your experience here will leave you feeling challenged, energized, and with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Mr. Ross Pepper, District Principal, International Student Program (Qualicum School District)

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Welcoming international students into your home... a life changing