Local Activities

Canadians love to play! And whether scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, cutting tracks through fresh powder on a mountain slope, or testing our slap shots while gliding on a sheet of ice, we enjoy life to the fullest here on the west coast of Canada in one of  the most spectacular playgrounds in the world.

Within our schools and community a flourishing arts and cultural scene offers many opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the multicultural flow of Canadian culture. “Jazz on Sunday” concerts, summer theatre, Highland Dance festivals, Canada  Day fireworks, First Nations carving, farmers markets, and local artisan galleries a few of  the many cultural events and activities that define and enhance life in Canada.

Oceanside boasts world-class biking trails, rivers, beaches, parks and trails and attracts those who enjoy mountain biking, hiking, kite and wind surfing, kayakers and nature enthusiasts.  Add to that a long list of organized sport associations such as soccer, ice hockey, figure skating, horseback riding, bike clubs, dance, swimming, curling , lacrosse and football, to name a few.