Secondary Schools

We have two secondary schools (high schools) in this district for students from Grades 8 to 12 (students approximately 14 to 18 years old): Ballenas Secondary School (BSS) in Parksville and Kwalikum Secondary School (KSS) in Qualicum Beach.

Ballenas Secondary School is located in the small, waterfront city of Parksville and featuring a beautiful, sheltered sandy beach and extensive natural parks and trails. Kwalikum Secondary School is located 15 minutes from Parksville in Qualicum Beach and a five-minute walk from the heart of a quaint downtown centre.

Each year, our graduates win academic, sport and music scholarships to Canadian and American universities. Our schools offer a rich and varied selection of courses and instruction. Students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in many excellent academic, performing arts and athletic activities including specialized academy programs. Based at each secondary school is a dedicated International Student Counselor to provide academic counseling and support.

As an International student, you are welcome to take part in many sports and physical activities, as well as in a variety of fine and performing arts clubs and courses to enrich your Canadian study experience. You may choose from highly competitive to “just for fun” sports programs and events offered at school. You may also begin or continue your musical studies by joining our band and choir programs, or perform in live theatre productions including high school musicals, or take part in the design and production of art projects such as school murals and theatre sets.

Carrie Philip
Ballenas Secondary Counsellor
Ballenas Secondary School Profile
Ryne Barton
Kwalikum Secondary Counsellor
Kwalikum Secondary School Profile