Online Travel Form

Student Travel Information

No travel form is needed for:

• Vancouver day trips (with or without the host family)
• Overnight Island travel with the host family (camping, Victoria etc.) unless you are out of service
• Overnight travel to Vancouver/Lower mainland with the host family

Sleepovers within the Parksville/Qualicum community

Travel form needed for:

• Overnight student travel outside of Parksville Qualicum without the host family

• Overnight Island travel with the host family in Out of Service Areas
• Overnight travel off Island/Outside of Vancouver (ie. Interior) with the host family
• Out of Province/country travel with or without the host family

**Forms must be submitted 7 days before departure or 14 days before if leaving Canada

In District Day Trips
In-District includes Parksville/Qualicum, Nanaimo or Mt. Washington. Students who are doing day trips within these communities will only need permission from their homestay family. Students should ensure that they have a working cell phone for communicating with their family.

Overnight stays outside the family home, but within Parksville-Qualicum (sleep overs), are subject to the approval of the homestay parents, and homestay parents should confirm details with the friend’s parents.

Out of District Day Trips
Out of district day trips includes any travel outside of Parksville, Qualicum, and Nanaimo. In order to travel outside the district for ONE DAY (not overnight), Host parents and students must go over the following:
  • Asking their natural parent’s permission
  • Having your permission
  • Giving you their travel plans
  • Confirming their transportation
  • Confirming who they are travelling with (they must be with someone and not alone)
  • Confirming that they will have a cell phone and a way of contacting you in an emergency

Out of District Overnight
When students are not with their own host family, overnight stays outside of Parksville-Qualicum are only allowed if the student is with an adult over the age of 25, and permission will only be granted if the ONLINE Student Travel Form has been completed by the Homestay parent. This form must be sent in 7 days prior to the planned trip.

Students are not permitted to stay in a hotel by themselves. They must be with a responsible adult.

Christmas Break / Spring Break

*If the travel is taking place during a school closure (Winter Break/Spring Break), the forms must be in 7 days prior to the start of the break. If the student is leaving the country, forms must be in 14 days prior to the start of the break.* (No forms to be submitted during a school break).