Online Travel Form

Student Travel Information

In-District Travel

When travelling to Nanaimo or Mt. Washington, or within the community, permission is only needed by the homestay family so that you know the plans that your student has for the day. Please be sure that your student has a working cell phone for communicating with you. Please refer to Out-Of-District One Day Checklist below if your student is out of these areas for the day with a friend, or another family.

Overnight stays outside the family home, but within the community (sleep overs), are subject to the approval of the homestay parents, and homestay parents should confirm details with the friend’s parents.

Overnight stays outside of the community are only allowed if the student is with an adult over the age of 25, and permission will only be granted if the ONLINE Student Travel Form (see link on the left) has been completed by the Homestay and this must be sent in 7 days prior to the planned .
Students are not permitted to stay in a hotel by themselves.  They must be with a responsible adult.

This form must be completed for student travelling:
– overnight out of district
– home for a vacation
– away with you and your family (trips longer than 3 nights)*
– away with visiting natural family
*You do not need to fill out the online travel form if the student is going away with you overnight for shorter than 3 nights.

Students are not allowed to leave Canada other than on vacation to their homeland (the Online Travel Form is also required 14 days in advance), or with a school organized trip.  Each country has different requirements to enter and leave the country so help your student ensure that they have the proper documentation. For example a U.S. Visitors Visa is required to travel to the United States by most countries (Korea, Hong Kong, etc).  Contact our office if you need help with this.

Christmas/Spring Break – *If the travel is taking place during a school closure (Winter Break/Spring Break), the forms must be in 7/14 days prior to the start of the break.*If a student is absent from the Homestay during Christmas vacation or Spring Break, full payment is still required and homestays will be paid during this time if the student is returning.  Homestays are not paid over the summer, but may set up private payment with the student if the student is staying for the summer.  If your student is planning on staying in town during the summer and you are not able to have them stay with you, please contact the Homestay Coordinator and an alternate arrangement will be made.

Out of District Travel – One Day

Out of district travel includes any travel outside of Parksville, Qualicum, and Nanaimo. In order to travel outside the district for ONE DAY (not overnight), please go over the following with your student:

Have the student go over the Travel Out of District-One Day checklist with you (see Documents main page). This includes:

  • Asking their natural parent’s permission
  • Having your permission
  • Giving you their travel plans
  • Confirming their transportation
  • Confirming who they are travelling with
  • Confirming that they will have a cell phone

Host Family Travel

Under no circumstances are students to be left alone overnight without an adult present.

If you are going to be away please make arrangements for your student to stay with another host family. If it is more than a weekend please let us know so that we can be aware that you are away.

If both parents in a homestay family are away from the home longer than two days, leaving the student in the care of another adult (aged 25 or over) in the home, the Homestay Coordinator must be notified and the name and contact information of the designated adult given. A criminal records search is required for any adult who has care responsibilities for an international student. If a host family goes away for an extended period of time, the student must be placed in a temporary homestay that is approved by the Homestay Coordinator. The host family pays the temporary family directly for this service – $30 per night. For short holidays, we encourage you to make private arrangements with a friend of the family or a friend of your international student. Please let the Homestay Coordinator and the school know.

When a student wants to travel with you out of the country please contact our program secretary at 250-951-0857 to make arrangements for necessary documents.  Please also fill out the Online Student Travel Permission Form.

Note: Homestay families are under no obligation to provide accommodation for students’ families if they are visiting. We recommend that visiting parents arrange hotel accommodation during their visits.