Homestay Application

Host a Student

A homestay family is an integral part of the life of an international student. The family provides more than just room and board; they become friends and guides in a new culture. As well, caring supervision and parenting on the part of the homestay family are an essential part of the international student’s growth and development.

Homestay Requirements

-Private bedroom
-Three wholesome meals a day and snacks as required
-Quiet, well-lit and heated study space and good internet (wifi) available
-Hot water and facilities for bathing
-You might choose to educate him/her on laundry (you can ask the student to do his/her own laundry using the washer and dryer in your house if you wish)
-Emotional support if the student is suffering from homesickness, difficulties at school, etc
-Academic support e.g. help with homework, communication with teachers, etc.
-Access to the common living areas of the house
-Interaction with the family members and participation in family activities

Homestay Handbook
Student Travel
Stipend Agreement
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