All of our staff can be contacted via the District Program Office

502 Bay Avenue, Parksville, BC, V9P 1L5
Phone 250-951-0857 or Email

District Principal:

Ross Pepper

Emergency Phone
Please only call this number in case of emergency out of office hours

For all administrative and accounting enquiries:

Angela Cole
Office Manager

Becky Breitsprecher
Program Secretary

For homestay questions:

Sandie Wassbauer
Homestay Coordinator – Ballenas Secondary Students

Jenny Atkinson
Homestay Coordinator – Kwalikum Secondary Students

For activity questions:

Jenny Atkinson
Activities Coordinator

For issues regarding course selection, grades, student absences and other school related issues please contact the appropriate ISP Program school counselor below.

At Ballenas Secondary School:

Carrie Philip

At Kwalikum Secondary School:
Ryne Barton

Carrie Philip – Ballenas Secondary

Ross Pepper – District Principal

Ryne Barton – Kwalikum Secondary