The Qualicum International Student Program (QISP) welcomes students from Grade 7 to 12 (students 12 to 18 years of age), to study in any one of our Elementary and Secondary schools. Whether you choose to study here in Canada for a few months, a full year, or for several years leading to high school graduation and university studies, our comprehensive and flexible program has been developed to meet your interests and academic requirements.

In Canada, our school system is responsible for educating children from Kindergarten (5 years old) through to high school graduation at the completion of Grade 12 (18 years). Our district has two levels of schooling: Elementary school (K- Grade 7) and High School (Grades 8-12). Canadian school students participate in a varied and comprehensive educational program for ten months of the year (September through June), five days a week (Monday-Friday), for six hours a day, generally from 9am to 3pm.

While you are enrolled in the Full Year or program in the Qualicum International Student Program you will have access to a full complement of academic and elective courses, English language training, post-secondary preparation, counseling and individual tutoring as necessary, to help you successfully complete your studies and graduate from high school in Canada if that is your goal. After high school graduation you may wish to continue your studies and apply to post-secondary schooling in Canada, the USA or in your home country.

At our two high schools, we have Full Year (2 Semesters) and Half Year (1 Semester) academic programs, as well as Short-Term, and Summer programs.