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Learning to Speak English

To support you in improving your English while attending school in Canada, our schools offer English as a Second Language (ESL) support classes that are designed to help students become proficient in English.

International students are assessed for their language abilities. If results show that you have a strong foundation in English, you are placed in regular English classes. If you need to develop your skills in reading, writing, speaking or listening, you are placed in an ESL class to help you become more proficient.

English Conversations

Coming to Canada will help you become more confident in speaking English. Learning a new language becomes easier with practice, and your host family and school community can help you. If you want to improve your English, use your experiences to practice. Here are some suggestions:

Speak English in events that include other members of the family:

  • Play cards and board games
  • Look at family photo albums and videos
  • Plan holidays and weekend excursions

Speak English with one person in as many daily activities as possible:

  • Conversations, especially at dinner
  • Setting the table, meal preparation, and gathering
  • Accompany your host family on errands
  • Watch television programs that promote conversation and sharing of ideas
  • Exercising with others (walking, swimming,

Other helpful tips:

  • Speak English at all times
  • Listen to the expressions your hosts use in English, make sure you understand them, and try to use them too
  • Buy a foreign language-English dictionary
  • Join school clubs, activities or sport teams
  • Practice English as part of the normal household routine
  • Attend school trips
  • Get involved or volunteer in community activities outside of school